San-O-Tat - Tattoo & Piercing Cleanser Rinse Solution - 750ml
  • San-O-Tat - Tattoo & Piercing Cleanser Rinse Solution - 750ml

San-O-Tat - Tattoo & Piercing Cleanser Rinse Solution - 750ml Spray

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Hypochlorous solution for cleansing and washing or as an aftercare spray for piercings, the mild antiseptic solution promotes healing.


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750ml bottle Hypochlorous acid cleanser spray solution for tattoo and piercing cleansing promotes healing. For use as a skin-prep cleanser/topical rinse or as an aftercare solution accelerating healing and helping to prevent infections. 

This light and gentle antiseptic spray is safe for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated without dehydrating it. Helps combat inflammation, itchiness, and pain during and after the tattooing and piercing process.

  • Can be used during the tattooing process as a skin prep, cleanser or an aftercare spray
  • Helps reduce swelling and redness as well as reduce client discomfort
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, contains no harsh substances
  • Allows for better pigmentation and colour saturation

Proper Use Instructions

  • Do not dilute, dilution will make the product ineffective
  • Do not use with Green Soap or similar products, it will neutralize the acidic solution


  • Ingredients: RO Purified Water (H20), Hypochlorous SANOT500 (H0CL)
  • Piercing Aftercare Directions for use: Apply at least 3-5 times daily to the pierced area and allow to air dry
  • Tattoo Process and Aftercare Directions for Use: This can be used for prep, as a process wash/cleanser, or as an aftercare healing tonic. Do not use Green Soap or other similar basic soaps with H0CL acid solution it will be neutralized.
  • Certification: San-O-Tat is made with SANOT500 which is SABS-accredited and NCRS-certified product

Package Contents

1 x 750ml Bottle San-O-Tat Piercing & Tattoo Cleanser Spray

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