GO2 Xtreme Inks - 1oz Tattoo Ink
  • GO2 Xtreme Inks - 1oz Tattoo Ink
  • Super Black Xtreme Inks - 1oz Tattoo Ink
  • Super Black Xtreme Inks - 1oz Tattoo Ink
  • Super Black Xtreme Inks - 1oz Tattoo Ink

Go2 Black Xtreme Inks - 1oz

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GO2 Black Xtreme Inks USA - 1oz (30ml) bottle


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Unparalleled Depth of Black: Experience a super dark and bold black ink with unparalleled depth, perfect for both lining and shading tasks, ensuring your artwork stands out with clarity and precision.

Seamless Ink Flow, Immaculate Lines: Achieve smooth and immaculate lines with a seamlessly consistent ink flow, allowing for effortless bold and sharp outlines, elevating the quality of your artistic creations.

Versatile Shading Powerhouse: From buttery gradients to intense, saturated fills, GO2 Black's adaptability shines through, enabling you to create stunning shading effects with unwavering consistency and superior results.

Premium-Grade Ingredients, Vibrant Results: Formulated with only premium-grade ingredients, GO2 Black not only glides onto the skin seamlessly but also maintains its vibrancy over the years, promising enduring quality for your tattoo artwork


  • Brand: Xtreme Inks
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Size: 1oz 30ml Bottle
  • Colour: GO2 Black

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1 x GO2 Black Xtreme Inks 1oz Bottle

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