Hardware & Consumables

Hardware, consumables, and accessories for tattooing, top-tier tattoo machine hardware, power supplies, consumables, and disposables at our online shop. High-quality stencil and drawing solutions, all backed by comfortable and durable furniture.

Everything you need for tattooing, in one place.


  • Power

    Power Solutions for tattooing - Tattoo Power Supplies and Accessories - Reliable Power Solutions for Tattooing. We understand the critical role that reliable power solutions play in the tattooing process. That's why we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality tattoo power supplies, foot pedals, switches, adapters, and cables to ensure uninterrupted power and precise control during your tattoo sessions.

  • Stencil & Drawing

    Stencil & Drawing - Tattoo stencil-making supplies and drawing markers.

  • Lights
  • Box & Case
  • Ink Mixers
  • Consumables

    Tattooing Consumables

    Ink Cups, Grip Bandages, Practice Skins, and More | SA Tattoo Supply

    We carefully curate our consumables from reputable manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence and industry standards. With our reliable and durable consumables, you can focus on your artistry and create stunning tattoos with confidence.

    Why Choose SA Tattoo Supply for Tattooing Consumables?

    • Ink Cups: Discover a wide variety of ink cups in different sizes to accommodate your preferred ink volumes. Our ink cups are designed to provide stability and prevent spills, allowing you to focus on your artwork without interruptions.
    • Grip Bandages: Our grip bandages are designed to provide comfort and support during tattooing sessions. These self-adhesive bandages offer excellent grip and can be easily adjusted to fit different grip sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.
    • Practice Skins: Hone your tattooing skills with our practice skins. These realistic synthetic skins mimic the texture of human skin, allowing you to practice and perfect your techniques before working on clients. Practice skins provide an invaluable opportunity to refine your skills and build confidence.
    • Rubber Bands and O-Rings: We offer high-quality rubber bands and o-rings that are essential for securing tattoo needles and ensuring smooth needle movement. These small yet crucial components help maintain the proper tension and prevent needle wobbling during the tattooing process.
    • Empty Ink Bottles: Our empty ink bottles are ideal for custom ink mixing and storage. With these bottles, you can create your own ink blends and maintain organization in your tattooing setup. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, and the airtight seal helps preserve ink freshness.
  • Spray & Wash Bottles
  • Machine Parts & Hardware

    Tattoo Machines coiled parts and replacement hardware & spares for tattoo machines - rotaries or traditional.

  • Stainless Steel Tips
  • Metal Grips
  • Ink Cup Holders
  • Studio

    High-quality studio furniture and equipment for the tattooing industry in South Africa. For all your studio furniture and equipment needs. We are committed to helping you create a studio space that inspires creativity and provides the utmost comfort for you and your clients.

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