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We offer a comprehensive range of piercing tools, kits, and body jewelry.

1. High-Quality Piercing Tools: Our collection features a variety of high-quality piercing tools crafted with precision and durability in mind. From sterile needles and forceps to receiving tubes and clamps.

2. Piercing Kits: We offer convenient piercing kits that include essential tools and supplies needed for a successful piercing process.

3. Piercing Jewelry Selection: Discover a wide array of body jewelry options to suit various piercings and personal styles. From basic studs and barbells to intricate designs and unique materials.


  • Piercing Kits

    Our piercing kits are thoughtfully designed to include a variety of essential tools and materials. Each kit typically includes high-quality piercing needles, surgical steel piercing tools, forceps, clamps.

  • Piercing Needles

    Our piercing needles are specifically designed for the piercing industry, ensuring optimal precision and minimal discomfort during the piercing process. Crafted from durable and sterile materials, our needles are available in various gauges and lengths to accommodate different piercing types and body locations.

  • Body Jewelry

    High-quality body jewelry & piercings crafted from high-quality hypoallergenic materials. We offer a selection of durable body jewelry piercings and parts for all your body modification needs.

  • Piercing Tools

    We offer an extensive range of surgical-grade instruments and piercing tools designed specifically for body piercing professionals. 

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