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Tattoo Machines

The right tattoo machine is essential for creating exceptional artwork. That's why we offer a range of top-of-the-line tattoo machines crafted with precision and reliability in mind.

Why Choose SA Tattoo Supply for Tattoo Machines in South Africa?

  • Premium Pen Tattoo Machines: Discover the latest advancements in tattoo machine technology with our premium pen tattoo machines. 
  • Wireless Freedom: Experience the freedom of wireless tattooing with our cutting-edge wireless tattoo machines. 
  • Reliable Coiled Tattoo Machines: For those who appreciate the traditional feel and performance, our coiled tattoo machines are a perfect choice.
  • Versatile Rotary Tattoo Machines: Our rotary tattoo machines are known for their versatility and quiet operation. 


  • Tattoo Pens

    Tattoo Pen Machines - Our collection of pen-style rotary machines

  • Rotary Machines

    Rotary Tattoo Machine - Buy a professional rotary machine from the best supplier in South Africa, we stock a wide range of high-quality Tattoo Pens, Wireless tattoo machines Direct Drive, and Hybrid.

  • Coil Tattoo Machine

    Coil Tattoo Machine - Buy Traditional Coiled Machines liner or shader guns for sale from SA Tattoo Supply, the best quality equipment for professionals.

  • Tattoo Kits

    Tattoo Kits - Buy a complete tattoo kit with a tattoo machine, power supply, needles, ink & accessories. Ideal for apprentice and beginners.

  • Stick and Poke

    Stick and poke - Single tattoo needle hand pokers, tools, kits & accessories.

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