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Traditional Needles

Premium quality stainless steel needle bar type traditional tattoo needles, available individually sealed and sterile in 50pc boxes. Our collection includes configurations for lining and shading, such as RL (Round Liner), F (Flat), M1 (Magnum), M2 (Double Magnum), RM (Round Magnum), and RS (Round Shader).

Our #12 needle diameter ensures optimal ink flow and precision. Our traditional bar needles are designed to provide excellent ink flow, allowing you to create sharp outlines and fine details

RL (Round Liner) - Tightly grouped needles ideal for outlining and lining

RS (Round Shader) - Needles on a round configuration not tightly grouped at tip for shading

RM (Round Magnum) - Round or curved magnum shader

M1 (Magnum Shader) - This style of needle grouping holds the most ink

M2 (Stacked Magnum Shader) - Two stacked rows of magnum shader needles

F (Flat) - Flat shaders are tightly grouped flat needle configurations for shading

Tattoo Needles|High-quality, Sharp, Sterile for Professional Artists

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