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Dynamic Mixing White Tattoo Ink - 1oz Tattoo Ink
  • Dynamic Mixing White Tattoo Ink - 1oz Tattoo Ink

Dynamic Mixing White Tattoo Ink - 1oz

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Dynamic mixing white tattoo ink 1oz is a pre-dispersed lower-pigment white variant better suited for mixing & colour matching.


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Dynamic Mixing White Tattoo Ink is made in the USA by Dynamic Color Co, renowned for its manufacture of premium pre-dispersed tattoo inks that use vegan ingredients, are never tested on animals, and provide sterile, vibrant, and long-lasting colors that work easily into the skin.

  • Dynamic white tattoo ink with a lower pigment content than theirĀ  "Heavy White" & "Triple White" tattoo ink, making it more suiteded for mixing & colour matching
  • Dynamic Tattoo Ink purchased from us is guaranteed to be a genuine product manufactured in the USA, batches are fresh with a long expiry period

Package ContentsĀ 

1 x 1oz Dynamic White Tattoo Ink (Mixing & Colour Matching)