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6x7cm Tattoo Film Barrier Wound Dressings - 100's Hygiene &
  • 6x7cm Tattoo Film Barrier Wound Dressings - 100's Hygiene &

6x7cm Tattoo Film Barrier Wound Dressings - 100's

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6x7cm Sterile Hypo-allergenic adhesive tattoo permeable barrier film, waterproof bacterial barrier.

Pack Size: Single

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Tattoo & Wound Film dressing is an exceptionally thin, waterproof bacterial barrier designed to safeguard tattoos, cuts, burns, and stitches. Its hypoallergenic material minimizes skin irritation, making it suitable for all skin types. This lightweight and transparent dressing offers good permeability, excellent viscosity, and the ability to observe the tattoo during the healing process without removal.

Its flexibility allows it to conform to body curves and movements for long-lasting use. Additionally, the transparent film is ideal for various applications, including post-surgical incisions, tattoo aftercare, securing catheters, and fixing measuring devices and probes.

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive designed to reduce irritation
  • Ultra-thin waterproof bacterial barrier, breathable
  • Sterile, Latex free
  • 360-degree seal Protects your open wound
  • Superior adhesive contours to the body and prevents lifting and edge curling


  • Size: 6x7cm
  • Pack-size: 100's, Singles
  • Features: Sterile, Waterproof, Latex Free

Package Contents

1 x Pack 6x7cm Sterile Tattoo Film Aftercare Dressings

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