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  • Eco Inkjet Stencil Ink Products
  • Eco Inkjet Stencil Ink Products
  • Eco Inkjet Stencil Ink Products
  • Eco Inkjet Stencil Ink Products

Eco Tattoo Stencil Ink for Inkjet Printer

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Eco Inkjet stencil printing ink for tattoo stencil printing with an inkjet tank printer such as the Epson Eco tank.. Works with Epson Eco Inkjet and other tank printers, 120ml bottle size, prints up to 3000 pages.

How to use:

  1. Empty the printer ink from the bottle that came with the printer and clean it thoroughly
  2. Refill the Epson ink bottle with Eco Tattoo Stencil Ink so you can easily refill the printer tanks
  3. Fill all ink tanks with the tattoo stencil ink solution
  4. Print designs onto single-ply eco tattoo stencil paper 

  • Do not put original printer ink in the inkjet printer, the tattoo stencil ink must be put into a new and clean printer tank
  • Not compatible with traditional stencil transfer paper. You must use specific transfer paper.
  • For better tattoo transfer, please use transfer gel or transfer soap.
  • After using this product, it is hard to remove the transfer. So please apply it carefully. If you want to remove it, please use an alcohol-based remover to wipe it off.


  • Size: 120ml (3000 pages)
  • Compatible Printer: Epson Eco Tank, HP Smart Tank etc.

Package Contents

1 x 120ml Bottle Eco Tattoo Stecil Ink