Green Vyper Shader Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Green Vyper Shader Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Green Vyper Shader Coil Tattoo Machine

CNC Handmade Shader Coil Tattoo Machine - Green

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CNC Professional workhorse shader tattoo machine, carbon steel frame, handmade 12-wrap copper coils, pure brass binding posts, spring saddle mount for reduced vibration & noise.

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A powder-coated carbon steel frame provides protection fromĀ corrosion, rust, and scratches.Ā Pure brass binding posts and fittings. Has vibration-reducing saddle on which the rear spring is mounted, reduces noise, and further stabilizes the machine. Assembled by hand at the factory this machine is ready to go with minor adjustments.

  • Impact-absorbing springs to dampen vibration, it lays down soft blends.
  • 12-wrap coils are expertly hand-woundĀ with 24-gauge enamel-coated pure copper wire
  • Compatible with all suitable grips on the market


Coils: Handmade 12-wrap
Frame: Machined Carbon Steel
Capacitorļ¼š47uf Maximum 50v
Binding Post: Pure Brass
Model: CNC M310
Optimal Voltage: 5.5-8V
Starting Voltage: 5V
Connection: Clip-cord
Front Spring: 20G
Type: Shader

Package Contents

1 x CNC M310 Shader Coil Machine
1 x Additional Spring Set

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