Charme Princesse Natural Red Micropigment 10ml PMU
  • Charme Princesse Natural Red Micropigment 10ml PMU
  • Charme Princesse Natural Red Micropigment 10ml PMU

Charme Princesse Natural Red Micropigment 10ml

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Micro Pigment Aqueous Ink Color Natural Red 10ml airless bottleCharme Princesse micropigment ink can be mixed to match your client’s skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner. PMU Pigment set has been exclusively developed by Charme Princesse to keep color selection simple and straightforward with a range of colors to suit all of your clients.

  • Micro-pigment Applications: Lips

Follow these general guidelines before using

Do not mix pigments of different brands.
Shake well before use.
Never touch pigment bottles or pigment containers with contaminated gloves to prevent cross-contamination.
Spot testing is recommended before using this product for any procedure.
Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.
By purchasing and using this product, you agree that you are using it at your own risk.
Do not use it on women who may be pregnant.


Volume: 10ml/airless bottle
Colour: Red

Package Contents

1 x Natural Red 10ml Bottle Charme Princesse PMU Micro Pigment

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