Charme Princesse Nano Needles for Lyre Series - EN50
  • Charme Princesse Nano Needles for Lyre Series - EN50

Micro Derma Nano Needle Cartridges for Charme Princesse - Lyre Series EN50

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09P, 12P, 36P, 42P, SN, RN sizes. Micro Derma Nano needle cartridges for Charme Princesse Lyre Permanent Makeup machine - EN50

Nano Needle Sizes: 09P

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Charme Princess Permanent Makeup Micro Derma Nano Needle Cartridges allowĀ PMU artists to set up needles and switch needle configurations very quickly during theĀ permanent makeup MTSĀ process.
Disposable single-use tattoo needle cartridges.

Fits Charme Princesse EN50 compatible machines only!

  • Made of 316L surgical stainless steel and medical-grade plastic with good toughness, painless to make MTS.
  • Each permanent makeup cartridge adopts an individual packed and Pre-sterilized to keep the needles clean to avoid infection.
  • ThisĀ sterilizedĀ PMUĀ cartridgeĀ isĀ suited for the Charme PrincesseĀ LyreĀ series Permanent Makeup Machine.


Available Size: 9Pins, 12Pins, 36Pins, Nano Round, Nano Square, each style includes 10 pcs, you can choose it according to your demand.
Fits: EN50 Charme Princesse Lyre Series

Package Contents

1 x Micro Derma Nano Needle Cartridge Charme Princesse

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