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Piercing Jewelry

High-quality piercing jewelry crafted from 316L surgical steel and titanium. We offer an extensive selection of beautifully designed, durable, and hypoallergenic piercing jewelry for all your body modification needs. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we provide top-notch products that meet international standards and exceed expectations.

At our store, you'll find a wide range of piercing jewelry, including belly rings, nose studs, lip rings, eyebrow bars, and more. Each piece is carefully manufactured using 316L surgical steel or titanium, ensuring exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.

Piercing Jewelry Supply | Bulk & Wholesale Supplier


  • Basic Piercings

    Basic Piercing Jewelry

  • Labrets

    Labrets 316l medical grade steel and titanium threaded labret piercing jewelry parts

  • Retainers

    Retainers and plugs - Gorilla Glass Piercing Jewelry

  • Barbells & Bars

    Barbells Piercing Jewelry Parts - straight and curved piercing barbells, etc. 316l medical grade stainless steel.

  • Rings & Circular

    Segment Ring stainless steel 316L medical grade piercing jewelry.

  • Balls

    Balls for body piercing jewelry - 316l Steel & titanium balls, micro-balls

  • Helix Piercings

    Helix Piercings - Body piercing jewelry wholesale, 316L Surgical Steel & 925 sterling silver body piercing jewelry.

  • Plugs & Tunnels

    Plugs & Tunnels product collection - Body Piercing jewelry wholesale supplier in South Africa.

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