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10x25cm Second Skin Derma Film Waterproof Tattoo Barrier
  • 10x25cm Second Skin Derma Film Waterproof Tattoo Barrier
  • 10x25cm Second Skin Derma Film Waterproof Tattoo Barrier

10cm Second Skin Derma Film Waterproof Tattoo Barrier

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Second skin tattoo breathable waterproof barrier protective film self-adhesive tattoo aftercare bandage, choose your desired length - 10cm x 10m, 10cm x 1m or 10cm x 25cm

Size: 10cm x 25cm

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Second Skin waterproof breathable tattoo aftercare barrier film, self adhesive in a roll. Choose your desired length, 10cm width.

This transparent film acts as a second skin for your tattoo, offering a waterproof and breathable barrier that shields against:

  • Contamination & Infection: This creates a physical barrier to keep dirt,¬†dust,¬†and bacteria away,¬†reducing the risk of infection.
  • Friction & Snagging:¬†Protects your tattoo from everyday wear and tear,¬†preventing scabbing and promoting optimal healing.
  • Moisture Loss:¬†Maintains a moist healing environment while allowing your skin to breathe for faster recovery.

Key Features:

  • Medical-Grade Adhesion:¬†Stays securely in place during showering,¬†light exercise,¬†and everyday activities.
  • Breathable Film:¬†Allows oxygen to reach your tattoo,¬†promoting healthy healing and vibrant colours.
  • Waterproof Protection:¬†Shower with confidence!¬†This bandage keeps your tattoo dry while still allowing it to breathe.
  • Flexible & Comfortable:¬†Conforms to your body's movements for all-day wearability.
  • Easy Application:¬†Cut to size for a perfect fit on any tattoo.
  • Large Roll:¬†10cm x 10m size provides ample coverage for multiple tattoos or extended use.

Say goodbye to worrying about your new tattoo and hello to a confident, comfortable healing process!


  • Main Material: PU
  • Thickness: 0.025mm
  • Size: 10cm Width (choose your desired length)

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1 x 10cm Width Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare Waterproof Bandage

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